Saturday, January 21, 2017

Terapi Urutan Thai

Thai Massage Therapy

Massage is said to be therapeutic. It is the science of healing that involves the human touch, so to speak.

For several decades now, people have been making use of this option to treat their physical and emotional dilemmas. A lot of them even attest to how beneficial the massage has been to them.

Although on the contrary there are likewise a bunch of individuals who believe and emphatically stress out its danger on those who suffer from serious medical issues, no one is able to deny how relaxing the technique can be. One of the most popular types is the Thai massage therapy.

A Bit of a Background

​Thai massage is one of the types that has been practiced for a long time. Its existence can be traced to more than a thousand years now. The therapy itself forms part of the well-known area of Thai medicine.

It comprises of manipulation, medicinal treatment, ritual, and diet. It is rooted from the belief that each and every disease is caused by a particular imbalance in the energy system within the body. It is geared at the promotion of balance which hence aids in the complete healing and rejuvenation of an individual.

The Techniques Unraveled

To be able to do the overall process of Thai massage, several techniques need to be applied. The pressure involved is actually gentler as compared to the rest of the types of massage therapy. It works well like the Shiatsu. In this kind of therapy, the pressure is applied on the energy channels and they are being treated using two directions.

One more technique is known as blood stopping. It is done by means of applying the pressure on the arteries in the leg or arm for about a minute. The theory that works behind is that of the importance of cutting out the principal source of the circulation that will lead to a heightened pressure.

This will then lead to the slowing down of the heart muscle contractions that will eventually tone down the pressure. As the pressure applied on the artery has been let go, a supply of blood goes into the area so that brings the organ to a more relaxed state. This technique is not recommended for use on someone who has diabetes and other heart related issues.

Passive refers to the kind of stretching employed on the patient but he doesn't move. Only the therapist does. The stretching is done in several stages and at a slow pace. Other techniques involved are hatha yoga and postures.

The Involvement of Reflexology

Reflexology or that which is otherwise known as foot massage is also a part of Thai massage.

Reflexology is based on the belief that the points contained on the feet are useful enough to cure the body because every point is somehow related to a specific organ. When the energies are enhanced, the person will be able to establish a deeper connection to the Earth.

Thai massage therapy employs techniques that are to be performed for a longer duration of time. It can usually last up to three hours. It is important to engage a licensed therapist to ensure that everything is done properly.

However, you should consult your doctor prior to taking any of these techniques to further avoid the dangers to your health.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Advanced Thai Yoga Massage: Postures and Energy Pathways for Healing

​Buka Amalan urut yoga Thai anda dengan postur maju dan kerja tenaga untuk merawat tekanan, sakit belakang, sakit kepala, dan syarat-syarat lain yang biasa: 

1) Termasuk langkah demi langkah gambar untuk lebih daripada 50 postur yoga maju urut Thai

2) Menggambarkan dalam warna penuh lokasi garisan sen dan Menerangkan kualiti yang mereka tertentu terapeutik dan sambungan ke ayurveda dan lima badan kosha

3) Butiran pelan rawatan yang berjaya untuk 8 penyakit biasa Dengan 60-minit urut adat yoga Thai postur serta mengalir Ayurveda dan yoga Cadangan untuk penyembuhan berterusan dan pencegahan di rumah

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lapan tanda badan Penuh Toksin - Jom Urut dan Bekam

8 tanda badan penuh toksin.

​1.Sembelit :
Anda perlu membuang air besar 2x sehari.Memastikan bahan buangan pepejal & cecair bertoksin tidak di simpan lama di dalam badan & membawa penyakit.

2. Kembung perut.
Usus yg tidak bersih & penuh toksin .Menyebabkan angin terperangkap di dalamnya & menyebabkan perut kembung dan tidak selesa.

3. Sakit kepala
Mengalami sakit kepala yg berulang ulang,malah boleh menyerang pada setiap hari.

4. Letih dan lesu
Toksin yg terkumpul di dalam badan seumpama racun yg mencuri tenaga di dalam badan.Menyebabkan lesu dan tidak bermaya setiap hari.

5. Mulut berbau.
Usus yang kotor dan tidak di bersihkan secara kerap menyebabkan mulut berbau busuk.Ketidak selesaan pada orang lain.

6. Perut buncit
Najis yang terkumpul lama dalam usus akan mengeras dan menjadi tempat angin berkumpul.

7. Kulit kusam.
Jadi masalah kulit di muka menjadi kusam,berjerawat.malah sampai tahap jerawat bernanah.

8. Kemaruk makan.
Badan yang bertoksin akan menyebabkan diri tidak boleh mengawal cara makan dengan baik.Sering rasa lapar dan ingin mengunyah makanan sepanjang hari.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

Refleksologi pada Tangan

Tangan manusia juga mempunyai titik-titik tertentu untuk bahagian organ-organ tertentu. 

Urutan bahagian tertentu pada tangan akan mencetuskan rangsangan terhadap organ tersebut.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

15 Laws of a Good Massage

15 Laws of a Good Massage

1.  Wash hands before every massage. 
2.  Make sure fingernails are trimmed and filed. 
3.  Do not use cold hands (if necessary warm hands with warm water). 
4.  Take off watches and all other items that might scratch the patient. 
5.  Use a clean room to give the massage in. 
6.  Do not over or under lubricate the patient. 
7.  Put a pillow under the patients ankles. 
8.  Never take your hands off the patient after you start the massage. 
9.  Always massage a muscle that is relaxed. 
10.  Never cross the spine with pressure when you are giving the massage. 
11.  Massage on the opposite side that you're working on when your doing friction. 
12.  Always work toward the head. 
13.  Never massage in a untidy or cluttered room. 
14.  Use good posture while giving the massage. 
15.  Always remember to get feedback from the patient. 

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